About Bike Stylish

Ditch Your Car and Bike Stylish!

At Bike Stylish we promote cycling as fun attainable, and even aspirational; helping those who are on the fence about biking to understand how they can get around easily by bike and still look just as good (if not better) than when driving a car.

Guiding Principles of Bike Stylish

  • Biking is Fun! Through content, photos, videos, and events we want you to remember or to discover for the first time, just how fun biking can be!
  • Biking is Accessible! By providing tips, tricks, and recommended gear at Bike Stylish we want to help reduce fear and anxiety around biking.
  • Biking is Aspirational! At Bike Stylish, we want the bike to be the new Beamer—biking is sexy & stylish, so we’ve created a place to highlight that style.
You don’t have to be a 365-day bike commuter, road racer, or hipster to participate in Bike Stylish. We just want to help get you on a bike more often! So whether you bike once a year or everyday, help us spread the Bike Stylish love by showing us your style!

Bike Stylish Team


Jeanne Eisenhaure Bike StylishJeanne Eisenhaure

Cycling enthusiast, and entrepreneur Jeanne Eisenhaure works with businesses in the LOHAS space through her creative agency Jett DIGiTAL to build the responsible businesses of the future. With Jett DIGiTAL Jeanne has seen firsthand how for-profit businesses can be vehicles for social and environmental improvement in addition to creating long-term sustainable financial growth. Jeanne is on a mission to help further the perception of biking as fun, accessible, and even aspirational through her Bike Stylish Project. When not working with clients or writing for Elephant Journal, Jeanne can be found participating in the active and outdoor Colorado lifestyle, including climbing, yoga, hiking, frequenting the farmers market, and of course riding around town on her beloved yellow ’73 Maserati road bike. See what Jeanne's been up to on her youtube page.

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Tanya Dueri Bike StylishTanya Dueri

Tanya Dueri loves capturing people and their bikes and was thrilled to collaborate on Bike Stylish. Prior to moving to Boulder, Tanya helped promote biking for the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition on their Connecting the City Project. Tanya joined with Jeanne Eisenhaure to found Jett DIGiTAL a creative agency in Boulder Colorado specializing in video production and authentic marketing. When not behind her camera, you can often find Tanya on her mountain bike riding the trails around boulder.

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