Bike Interview: Tanya & Jeanne of Bike Stylish


Recently the Bike Stylish team did an interview with Eleanor’s NYC a bike fashion boutique in Brooklyn, NYC.

1. Tell us about Bike Stylish?

Jeanne: I love biking and as an entrepreneur often my destination is a business meeting, so looking professional and stylish when arriving at my meetings is key. Bike Stylish started as an Instagram project in the summer of 2013 when I was inspired to show friends that riding a bike can look just as slick and professional as driving the latest sports car. This small project morphed into an article on Elephant Journal Can’t be Stylish Biking? My 38 Days of Bike Photos Will Prove You Wrong. The response I received was fantastic, from those being inspired to hop onto their bikes for their commute, to others who had a flurry of questions as to how I actually got around in some of my outfits. The questions and interest in biking stylishly led to a series of Bike Stylish articles on Elephant Journal, an interview with the Waylon Lewis on Walk the Talk Show, a partnership with Tanya Dueri Photography,and finally the launch of in early March 2014.Our mission at Bike Stylish is to promote cycling as fun, attainable, and even aspirational, helping those who are on the fence about biking to understand how they can get around easily by bike and still look just as good (if not better) than when driving a car.

2. Where is your favorite destination for a bicycle ride?

Read the entire interview on Eleanor’s NYC Blog!


  • Jessica  

    Hi guys!
    I saw your interview on Eleanor’s NYC blog & was so excited to have another awesome bike blog to follow! Awesome blog, between yours and Eleanor’s NYC blog, I’m officially thinking outside the box in terms of biking & style!
    Thank you!

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