Bike Style Inspiration JFK Jr.

JFK Jr. Bike Stylish via Pinterest

JFK Jr. Bike Stylish via Pinterest

Bike Stylish began as an homage to biking ballers like JFK Jr. Biking around NYC in the 80s & 90s and Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, cruising round London in full suit. Jeanne & Tanya of Bike Stylish are business professional, not a particular bike fanatics, they just happen to love biking as a way to get around, be outside, and get a little exercise. The goal of posting the photos to Bike Stylish is to show non-bikers that you can bike every damn day wearing pretty much anything. See Jeanne’s 38 Days of Bike Style Project on Elephant Journal.

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Photos found via Pinterest L – R: White Shirt, Leaving Building, Suit & Backpack

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