Bike Stylish Review Tandem NY Skirtweight

Months ago the Tandem New York team mailed us their stylish bike skirtweight for review.  We have been testing out the skirtweight and finally finished our quick video review (below). Overall the product is lovely and works great for flowy short and mid length skirts and also to our surprise with dress pants. As you will see in the video it is not ideal for mini skirts or long maxi dresses. We ran it through its paces and hope you enjoy our video review.

To learn more about Tandem New York or purchase the skirt weight visit They also sell through several bicycle boutiques mostly in the New York area, but also one shop in the UK.

Bike Stylish Review Tandem NY Skirtwieght

Bike skirtweight on mini skirt Bike Stylish Skirtweight Tandem NYC Skirtweight Skirtweight on Maxi Dress


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