Bike Stylishly In the Rain – Head to Toe Recommendations to Stay Dry & Look Good

Getting caught in the rain is inevitable for any stylish biker, but there are a few tips and products we’ve found to help you stay dry and look good.


If you have not yet ridden, this may sound surprising, but it hurts when the rain hits your eyes (snow does too)! Also, rain can distort your vision and pose a safety concern. A lightly tinted pair of sunglasses or the brim of a hat (under your helmet), work great to protect your eyes from the harsh rain! We love Boulder-based and eco–focused Zeal Optics!

Zeal Optics Bikes Stylish


The most styling rain gear we’ve found yet is the Rain Cape by Cleverhood. This unique design keeps your head and torso dry and works perfectly with your bike. Bonus: You can fit your backpack underneath the Cleverhood to keep it dry.  If you don’t have a Cleverhood Rain Cape, any rain jacket will do – use what you have to get out riding!

Cleverhood Rain Cape



We have yet to find a perfect option for keeping your legs completely dry during a rainstorm, but here are a few tips.

1. Wear a long jacket (such as Cleverhood above) with a short skirt/dress/shorts. Your bare legs will get wet, but will dry quickly.

2. Synthetics materials,  such as the Shiny Leggings from American Apparel or the Bikie Girl Bloomers dry super quickly after getting wet.

Shiny Leggings from American Apparel 

Shiny Leggings from American Apparel

Bikie Girl Bloomers Bike Stylish Reviews Bikie Girl Bloomers


(see our Bike Stylish Video Review of the Bikie Girl Bloomers)


During the summer we just keep a pair of flipflops handy and let our feet get wet. There are a few alternatives for those who want a more civilized option.

1. For the ladies, we love the Original Tall Hunter Rain Boots to keep your feet and lower legs dry and free of wheel splatter. The drawback is these boots can get a little hot during the summer, so we have a few other options.

Hunter Tall Rain BootMost strappy sandals heels or flats will fairly dry quickly, but steer clear of leather shoes as they will soak up the water. Crocs has some interesting and stylish waterproof shoe options using their ColorLite™ Material, such as these Cap Toe  Wedge

Crocs Cap Toe Wedge



2. For the gents, we found a few rain overshoes, loafers, and rain sneakers that actually don’t look half bad.

Below: totes rubber overshoes, as recommended by the Huffington Post article  Shoes Men Can Wear in the Rain Without Looking Like They are Going Fly-FishingJust slip them on over your dress shoes.


Totes Rubber Overshoes



Crocs ColorLite™ Loafer.  Perfect for a summer casual look and surprisingly waterproof.

Crocs ColorLite™ Loafer

Hunter Rain Sneakers. We love this urban and super functional rain sneaker.

Hunter Rain Sneaker


Protect Your Stuff

Dry Bags.

Sea to Summit Dry Bags. Jeanne started using these ultra lightweight dry bags for hiking and they have since transitioned into a daily Bike Stylish accessory. The bags roll up to a compact size that you can just leave in your bag and have on hand to protect your computer, phone, and other items you don’t want to get wet. A great inexpensive and accessible solution to help keep your important items dry and safe!

Sea To Summit Lightweight Dry Sack


Weatherproof and Waterproof Backpacks, Messenger Bags, and Panniers.

To avoid bringing an extra bag, you can make a larger investment into a more durable weather-proof bag or full waterproof bag. When choosing a bag, look for weatherproofing features such as a coated nylon, PVC liner, or waxed canvas, and taped seams. The Ruckus 30L Backpack from Green Guru Gear is a great upcycled weatherproof option and Banjo Brothers has a variety of fully waterproof bags and panniers.

Green Guru Ruckus Weatherproof Backpack 

Green Guru Ruckus Backpack

Banjo Brothers Convertible Waterproof Pannier Backpack

Banjoy Brothers Convertible Waterproof Pannier Backpack

Something you may notice about many waterproof or weatherproof bags is that they are often dark and many are on the slightly more masculine side… a reason why we love the dry bag option above allows any bag to become waterproof. In the end it really just comes down to your style preference.


What are your favorite bike rain gear accessories? Comment below

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