Biking in Winter: Skirt Leg Warmers Review

SkirtLegs_90Winter is coming, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop biking, nor does it mean we have to stop biking stylishly. Recently Tandem NY asked the Bike Stylish team to shoot a few photos for their latest product, Skirt Leg Warmers. We love working with the ladies of Tandem NY and decided to write a quick review on our opinion of their Skirt Leg Warmers.



Material is extremely soft and the tight knit really keeps the wind out while you’re biking. This is the largest improvement I found over cheaper leg warmers I’ve had in the past.


BikeStylishZippersSkirtLegs_112Zippered bottom makes them easy to get on and off without stretching out. The reflective zipper is a nice touch, although typically I wear higher boots in the winter, so the reflective zippers may be partially or completely covered by boots.

Tight elastic top really keeps the leggings in place as you ride.BikeStylishSkirtLegs_44Cons:

My only con for the leggings is that they are a bit too short for my liking, as someone who is 5’9″ and enjoys mini skirts all year long. An extra 4″ would be great for the taller ladies among us. I brought this issue up with the Tandem NY team and they are considering offering a long version in the future (YES PLEASE).


Retail price for $78, which is a little steep, but they do seem a lot warmer and more durable than the cheaper ones I’ve had in seasons past. I will keep you posted at the end of the winter to see how they hold up.

All photos © Jett DIGiTAL & Bike Stylish 2015

Last summer we reviewed Tandem NY’s first product the Skirt Weight – watch our video below.

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