Biking with Your Dog: Burley Cart Tail Wagon Review (Video)

Burley Cart Tail Wagon Gabby Tupac

Earlier this year Burley sent us their doggie trailer, the Burley Cart Tail Wagon for a review. After a solid trial period, we produced a video review on our thoughts on the Tail Wagon.

Burley Cart Tail Wagon Dog CamDoggie Cam from Burley Cart Tail Wagon

Watch the Bike Stylish Burley Cart Tail Wagon Review video, it’s worth it (especially with the shot from the Burley Cart Dog Cam).



A quick rundown of our overall thoughts, but seriously watch the video review, we tried to make it really funny and informative.

Overall we really loved the Burley Cart Tail Wagon. It is a great piece of equipment to take your doggies with you anywhere and gain affection from strangers. The setup was extremely easy and although it’s a very large piece of equipment, it folds down flat. One thing to note is the position of the top and bottom flaps of the pet entrance. If your dog is small and skittish, they may jump out when the top flap is clipped down above the bottom flap. For a more secure fit, but sure to fasten the bottom entrance flap above the top section – this provides a tighter fit so small dogs cannot escape.
Burley Cart Tail Wagon

The Tail Wagon is structurally solid and large enough for a big dog or multiple small to medium dogs (capacity for up to 75 lbs of dog). The large size although great for hauling dogs, can be a bit of a burden if you have to carry it up and down stairs (if you live in an apartment as our reviewer does). Ground level storage is a huge pro if you are planning to use this piece of equipment on a daily basis. The weight is a consideration as any trailer is going to be heavy when you’re hauling up to 75lbs of dog. This isn’t a con specifically on Burley’s Tail Wagon, but just may be considered a con in general for any trailer.You will get more of a work out hauling your dog(s) in this cart. If you’re concerned about your dogs acclimation to the Burley Cart Tail Wagon, we recommend checking out their FAQ tips, where they address a number of ways to adjust your pet to the Tail Wagon.

Overall the warm and fuzzy feeling you get from bringing your dog everywhere by bike made the Tail Wagon a great piece of gear for your Bike Stylish Lifestyle.

Puggle Escaping Burley Cart Tail Wagon

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