How to Bike in a Long Dress or Skirt

Jeanne Eisenhaure Biking in Long SkirtTie the extra material in a knot at the side of your thigh so it doesn’t get caught in your bike or get greasy. Ideally get a chain guard and fenders, these help protect your clothing and prevent excess material from getting caught in the bike and causing an accident (and from ripping the clothing right off your body). When you hop off your bike, grab the extra material between your legs and you can get off without flashing anyone (this can be the same material that may have just been knotted)

Jeanne Eisenhaure How to  Bike in a Long Dress

Jeanne Eisenhaure biking in a long dress at night

Kelly Donovan Bike's Stylishly

Kelly Donovan Bike’s Stylishly in a Long Dress



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