How to Bike to Holiday Parties

Bike Stylish Holiday

It’s that time of year again. The streets are filled with lights, Christmas music, & general holiday cheer. Smells of spiced cider and cookies come wafting out of kitchens all across the world and if you’re lucky enough to own a bicycle, you probably want to keep riding despite the colder weather. Over the weekend, I went to the first of many holiday festivities. Here are the facts: I know I want to dress nicely, I know it’s cold outside, and I know I want to ride my bike. Here are my tips on how to Bike Stylishly to holiday parties.

DIY Bike Holiday LightsFor the Ladies

I typically start by picking out what I want to wear and then adapting it to work with my bike. For the long red dress pictured at the top of the blog I wore warm sweater tights or one can wear warm leggings over normal tights, such as our favorite Skirt Leg Warmers. In addition, being warm is important to me and I happen to love the look of tall ski socks under boots, so I wore some SmartWool ski socks under my favorite vintage cowboy boots.  While biking with this long dress I simply tied it in a knot at mid thigh and hopped on my bike and hit the road.

Bike Stylish Hanukkah SweaterFor the Gents

Blazers can be difficult because they bull on your back and shorten your sleeves while riding. I know several companies design blazers specifically for riding your bike, but we still need to test these out (stand by for upcoming product reviews). We recommend either rolling your blazer in a bag/basket/pannier and biking with it or opting for a stylish or funny holiday sweater. For pants, I love the look of the Levi’s Commuter Trousers and am intrigued by Ministry of Supply, which is mens dresswear made out of sports performance materials.

 For Everyone

A few other winter tips regardless of weather you’re going to a holiday party or just riding around town can be found in our Winter Bike Layering Article and in the video above. Here are our a few of the key items:

-Good gloves are a must. I don’t have a favorite pair yet, but as I find the perfect glove I’ll let you know. I do recommend something with a wind blocking coating.

-Keeping your head warm is important to maintaining a comfortable body temperature. I typically wear a small wool cap underneath my helmet, but recently I’ve been loving the Bern Lenox helmet with the additional built-in liner & ear warmers. We’ll be doing a DIY bike ear warmers video soon, but the built in ear warmer flaps on the Bern Lenox keep you really warm. Also, this helmet is ranked for ski safety as well, so it’s a really helpful helmet to have for multiple sports.

Bern Lenox

If you need to bring a dish to your holiday potluck, check out our tips on how to bike with food.





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