How to Bike to Thanksgiving Dinner

First off, why would you want to bike to Thanksgiving Dinner?

The family, the friends, the food, the food, the food. Americans have a tendency to go a bit overboard with how much we eat on Thanksgiving. Biking after a large meal actually feels really amazing. If gets your body moving and really helps with your digestion. So this year, toss out the Pepto and Antacid and hop on your bike.  First, let’s address a few concerns:

Looking Good. How can I arrive at dinner looking nice and still bike? Looking nice and still wearing something that is functional for biking are not mutually exclusive. I first recommend reading my tips on how to Bike on Your Date Night, or read the majority of this blog. If you’re going far, I recommend packing a change of clothing.

Traveling with Food. How go I bring my amazing food without it getting ruined. Biking with food is all about two critical elements: the right storage container and the right bike hauling system.

Food Storage. When biking with food, the right storage container is crucial. Without the right container, you will end up with food spilled all over your bag, everything in it, and possibly all over you. The best containers to bike with are ones that have a locking seal. Locking glass containers and Mason jars are my go-to when biking. The snap lock or screw now is a must to prevent spilling. Glass containers are heavier, but have been a great solution for bringing food in my experience. I’ve also found a few aluminum locking containers, but have yet to try these out. You can find these items all over, I tend to shop from

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What about pie you ask? There are lot’s of pie shaped locking containers, or you could even use a pie basket, BUT the key to keeping your pie looking beautiful is actually in your bike hauling accessories. When I say bike hauling accessories I’m referring to backpacks, messenger bags, baskets, panniers, & trailers.


Bike Hauling Accessories.

If you have a trustworthy locking food container and your food doesn’t need to stay pretty, you can pretty much use whatever bag you choose. If you want your food to keep its shit together and arrive looking immaculate, you’re going to have to plan a little. First off, anything attached to your body is out – this means backpacks and messenger bags. To keep food together, we need to focus on hauling devices that attach to your bike. This leaves baskets, panniers, and trailers. All can work, but the key is wedging your food into a spot in your chosen receptacle so it doesn’t move. In a basket this might mean putting your pie on the bottom (in a protective container), then adding clothing or other items on top of it, and strap it all down with some mesh or bungees. The less your food shifts, the better it will arrive at it’s final destination.

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Riding Tips.

When you’re hauling potentially spillable food or a delicate pie you’re going to want to take it easy. Potholes, dips, and bumps and spell ruin for your food so make sure you’re going a little slower and look where you’re heading.


Snow may derail your bike plans, but don’t let other weather stop you! Here are a few tips on biking in the rain. If it’s a little on the cold side, just bundle up for the ride there in biking layers and on the way home you’ll probably be so hot from your huge meal that the cold weather will feel refreshing!


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