How to Plan the Perfect Bike Date Night

Whether you’re going on a first date or you’ve been married 40 years, a Bike Stylish Date Night is the perfect way to spend an evening this fall! I know what you’re probably thinking, bike on a date? Sure if I want to end up a sweaty mess with grease on my pant leg. No way! This is will be a night you and your date won’t forget.



Pre-Date Prep


  1. Skirt/dress tips: wear a pair of short spandex underneath, a skirt weight, or tie the excess faBiking Date Night Bike Stylishbric in a knot. See the last issue for more details.
  2. High heels: Just because you bike, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice those killer heels! Place the heel of your shoe on the pedal when you ride, take care to align your foot before you start peddling so it doesn’t slip into the high heel space. Wedges are the easiest for riding!
  3. Helmet hair: Don’t put your helmet on wet hair! If you have curly hair, bunch it on the top of your head under your helmet and shake out when you arrive. Just picture all of those great 1980’s movies where the babe shakes her hair out of the helmet! For those with straight hair, also use the 1980s hair shake, but you may want to pack a small brush to put your locks back in place.


  1. Layers: Dress in layers so you can avoid arriving a sweaty mess. Roll your over shirt in youBike Stylish Levis Commuter Jeanr bag so it stays neat and wrinkle free.
  2. Pants: Either choose a slim fit pant that won’t hit your gears, or roll up your right leg. This is a quick fix to avoid ruining your nice slacks! I personally love the look of the Levi’s Commuter Pant, pairs great with a blazer and has a little stretch to make the ride even more comfortable. Also, they have a cool U lock holder as part of the wasteline.
  3. Shoes: Rubber-soled shoes work better than wood-soled shoes to keep you from slipping on the pedals.


  1. Bags: Panniers and baskets are best for your Bike Stylish Date night as they won’t cause any strange sweat marks on your back or across your chest. If you must use a body-bag, I believe that messenger style bags leave a bit less of a sweating mess in their wake.
  2. Don’t forget a light rain jacket for inclement weather and front and back bike lights to get home safely in the dark.

To get you in the mood to fall in love by bike 😉

Now onto the date

When planning a Bike Stylish date, there are two paths you can take. The first, where you and your date simply bike to a traditional date location, and the second, where biking is a part of the date. Let’s review the two scenarios below:

Bike Stylish Date Option 1

Imagine avoiding the stress of driving around in circles hunting for a parking spot, or finding one for $30 an hour. Riding your bike, you always get front door parking at no cost! Save that unnecessary parking cost and buy your date some flowers! If you do buy flowers, be sure they are wrapped in paper or plastic covering the top of the flower and have the pedals stick out of your bag, pannier, or basket. Unless, you are peddling the Seine next to the Eiffel Tower, you can’t beat the romance of peddling up to your date with a bouquet of flowers.

Arrive a few minutes early to relax, cool off and check your self in the mirror. You may want to blot with a damp paper towel or bring powder to remove any shine you may have worked up on your ride. Then step into the date feeling great from your bike ride endorphin rush!

Bike Love Bike Stylish Love Story

Bike Stylish Date Option 2

In this option, the bike ride is an integrated part of the date. If you are choosing a long bike ride, you may want to adjust your outfit to be a bit more athletic. If you are just cruising around town, here are a few ideas that I love as Bike Stylish date ideas. Especially if this is a first date, I guarantee your date will like an out-of-the-box idea!

  • Bike Path Picnic: Whether you live near the ocean, a river, mountains, or in the country you often have access to a bike path. Meet at the start of the bike path with a picnic and bike until you find a great spot for your picnic to watch the sunset.
  • Bike Brewery or Food Hop: Choose a few food or brewery locations and hop along your bike grabbing a small snack or a sample of beer at each one. Of course always stay within your limits and do not over consume.
  • Participate in a bike event: Many cities and towns have bike-related events on almost a weekly basis. New Belgium runs the Tour-de-Fat and Clips Bike Film Event and critical mass and cruiser rides that happen in every city around the country.

Bike Stylish Endo Kissing

Getting home

Date going terrible? Bail easily on your bike without waiting for your date to drive you home! Date going wonderfully? What better way to cap off a romantic bike date night than a moonlit ride under the stars!


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