Katie Armstrong – OM Bike Stylish


Katie Armstrong, Founder, The OM Collection

  • Why Katie Rides: “Biking makes me feel like a kid again; free for the first time and able to go wherever I want whenever I want. Biking makes me feel strong and is my favorite way to see a new place. You’re going fast enough to cover a good amount of terrain, but slow enough to enjoy the scenery.”
  • Katie’s Bike Stylish Tip: “I used to race bikes in DC which required street smarts and navigating traffic on two wheels. To stay safe I assume that no car will ever stop or slow down for my safety and that even if a driver is looking me in the eyes they do not see me. Basically I’m packman and the cars are ghosts and I have to assure that I avoid curbs, buildings and the evils of a bumper while navigating my way through my day. I’m also not too proud to bike on sidewalks when rush hour has the crazies out!”

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