Shennon Murray – Artist Bike Style



Shennon Murray, Artist & Busy Mom

  • Why Shennon Rides: “I love biking because my bike is comfortable, easy to ride and I love the color of it. I like using my own power to get around and the fresh air in my face lifts my mood. Plus I’m burning calories. As a stay-at-home artist & mother of two (five-years and seven-years-old) humans and an eight month old canine, it is a struggle to squeeze in workout time—mostly because I have to work out harder and for a much longer period of time since reaching 40+. I’m also a bit of an introvert: I loathe the gym and group exercise classes. Riding my bike is my alone time! So, I try to plan ahead time-wise. The girls and I always ride or walk to school – unless there is snow or ice in the way—which is rare in Colorado, thankfully. I do my errands via bike, like grocery shopping, trips to the craft store, library & local parks. If I have MOMS Club get together, I try to ride to those places too. And when possible, we try to ride as a family—even out to dinner or ice cream during the warmer months.”
  • Shennon’s Bike Stylish Tip: “I think my bike and helmet are the most stylish things about me! Mostly I wear jeans or a long coat to keep my bum and thighs warm. It tends to be all about warmth and comfort on the morning commutes with my kids to school—pretty much everywhere.”

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